Strong Foundations Foot and Ankle Center is a unique podiatry office, owned and operated by Dr. George Lane. The office is situated within the Endurance Athlete Center, allowing direct and immediate collaboration with the other specialties within the group, which include physical therapy, massage therapy, personal training, and sports nutrition.   This website is designed to welcome you to our office, describe our services, educate you about foot and ankle health issues, and provide you with helpful information to prepare you for your visit. Our goal is to give you the very best experience and care, so that you are happy with your choice to become part of the Strong Foundations family. We know how difficult and confusing most health care issues can be and we want you to feel confident that you have selected a doctor and staff that are highly trained, experienced, caring, and professional.  For an appointment, please call (703) 237-3930.

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  • Running Shoe Comfort – The Deal-Breaker

    Now that the factors that determine what properties to be aware of in all running shoes, the most important one
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  • Shoe Wear Patterns Part 2

    When the shoe begins to tilt inward (valgus) or outward (varus), it typically means that the midsole has started to become asymmetrically altered
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